Basic Peat

Basic PEAT is developed by Zivorad M. Slavinski.

Basic PEAT is a method of personal development.
Quality of life
Basic PEAT clears our problems. Our problems are our reactions or states caused by internal and external events or circumstances. 
For example:
* I feel insecurity because I don’t have enough money
* I feel irritated by my back pain
* I feel annoyed when my children make noise
* I feel anger when I’m stuck in traffic
* I feel resistance to work on my goals
* I feel a fear of heights

Our problems consist of suppressed thoughts and emotions which we call “charge”.

By clearing the above mentioned and similar states and reactions, Basic PEAT increases the quality of our lives. 

About Basic PEAT Sessions
* There are no prerequisites for Basic PEAT sessions
* In a session, we address a specific issue the client wants to handle

About Basic PEAT Processor Seminars
* Basic PEAT can be applied in self-processing or processing others 
* Basic PEAT processor seminars are practical
* Basic PEAT group processor seminar lasts 1 day
* Skype processor seminars are available for Basic PEAT
* In Basic PEAT processor seminar you learn to apply it on yourself and on others
* There are no prerequisites for Basic PEAT processor seminar
* Processors run individual sessions

Gnostic Intensive

(by Z. M. Slavinski)

In this day and age, the Gnostic Intensive workshop is the fastest way to obtain a state of enlightenment or a Direct Experience of Truth about Oneself, Another, Life, God….

What is Gnosis?
Gnosis or Enlightenment (Mystic Union) is The DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF TRUTH. It is the goal of all mystical, occult and initiative systems and teachings. It is The Holy Grail, The Stone of Wisdom, The Life Elixir… Its essence is the disappearance of differences between subject and object. They merge and become ONE. From that moment onwards, you as a human being are changed forever.

Why do we have to strain to achieve this?
The reason is very simple. From early childhood to adulthood, we only have indirect experiences. The main characteristic of indirect experiences is some process between a subject and an object. For example, you read this text; between the subject, that is you, and the object, that is this text, there is the process of reading, the process of seeing and the process of understanding.

When someone speaks to you, there is the process of listening and the process of understanding. That way you get the experience of what that person wants to convey to you.

When you watch a film or see a picture, there is the process of seeing as intermediary between you and that picture which is the object of your experience.

It would be very easy to be in Direct Experience of Truth all the time if we didn’t have our mind. Our mind is the only barrier to that. And the best definition of mind is this: The MIND is the totality of all our misunderstood experiences, our traumas, unpleasant experiences, unfinished cycles, un-communicated intentions and unfulfilled desires. As soon as we want to experience something, instead of Direct Experience of that something we get the contents of our mind reactivated.

For example, when we want to experience our self, when we have a question upon our mind such as “Who am I?”, instead of Direct Experience of our self, we get all things we learned from our parents and other members of our family, all the things we learned in school or read in books, all the things we heard from other people or learned from authorities…We get all kinds of indirect experiences.

Thus the only way to obtain Gnosis or Enlightenment or Direct Experience of Truth on the eternal question “Who am I” is to empty all the contents of our mind. When we attain that emptiness, Direct Experience of Truth happens spontaneously and naturally.

And the special technique of the Gnostic Intensive workshop does just that!

Historic development of techniques of Enlightenment
In ancient times, Enlightenment demanded the devotion of the whole life of a human being: severing all connections with everyday living and family, rejecting goals and ambitions. The best example is Buddha. He obtained Enlightenment after eight years of persistent meditation. His Enlightenment was all-inclusive, he had Direct Experience about himself, other human beings, life, everything…

Many centuries later, the Rinzai Zen school came into existence. They discovered that it was easier to get Direct Experience on one particular segment of reality than on the whole of life. Thus their followers meditated on particular Koans or questions and their Gnostic Experiences were narrower, but they were able to obtain Enlightenment quicker.

In traditional mystical schools they did not pay attention to the time needed to attain Gnosis or Enlightenment, because they considered time as an illusion anyway. But for us, people of the 21st century, the time needed to attain anything, even Direct Experience of Truth, is important.

So in the middle of the 20th century some people discovered that it is more efficient if people work in pairs and groups then individually. Two human beings would alternatively meditate and communicate with each other. The logic of this conclusion is very simple: when working in pairs, we have two consciousnesses against one unconsciousness. Others discovered that the most efficient method is a combination of meditation with communication, because such method empties the contents of the mind rapidly.

I applied such a technique 21 years ago in my first Intensives. They lasted three days and three nights, 18 hours of work each day. They demanded a lot of effort from participants but the rewards were worthwhile. About 30 % of participants were able to obtain the Gnostic Experience.

As time progressed, I did my best to shorten the period of Gnostic Intensive and to make it possible for a larger percentage of participants to obtain Direct Experience. After long experimentations and hard effort I had a creative breakthrough and now, I have created just what I wanted: the most efficient method of Enlightenment on this planet today: the Gnostic Intensive lasts less than one day and more than 90% of participants get Direct Experience of Truth!

After practicing the Gnostic Intensive people don’t have to change anything in their lives. They don’t have to go to monasteries, to caves in the Himalayas or to occult schools and organizations. After an Intensive they continue living as before. But now they are more conscious of themselves, of other Human Beings, of Life, God, etc.

The goal of the Gnostic Intensive
The only goal of a Gnostic Intensive is Gnosis, Enlightenment or Direct Experience of Truth. There are no other goals! Many people feel wonderful after an Intensive. But our goal is not to feel fine. Our goal is Direct Experience of Truth!

After an Intensive some people have better relationships with friends, partners and members of their family…Better relationships are OK, but that is not our primary goal. Our goal is Direct Experience of Truth!

Sometimes people experience telepathy, precognition or ecstasy…But such states are not our goal. Our goal is Direct Experience of Truth!

The most important consequence of the Gnostic Experience is this: From that moment onwards you as a being advance more rapidly in all systems of psychological and Spiritual teaching, meditation and self-development. Why? For the first time you will have the stable point of consciousness inside you. Now when you meditate, you learn and teach others. Before that Experience, maybe it was your desire to look good in other people’s eyes, or you had feelings of inferiority.

Gnosis will enable you to experience life as a continuous journey to love, fulfilment, creativity and peace; you will bring light into the dark parts of yourself. You will be able to make decisions yourself and not follow the blind forces inside you, which you are unconscious of.

The technique of the Gnostic Intensive will enable you to experience Direct Experience on questions such as

* Who am I?
* What am I?
* What life is? and
* What is Another?

in less than one day.

Participants who have been on several Intensives will be able to enter the Stable State of Consciousness or MEUNA.

Thus, it is up to you.

* Who thinks about months, grows the grass.
* Who thinks about years, grows trees.
* Who thinks about centuries, builds temples.
* Who thinks about eternity, looks for the Truth.


(Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence)

Solving the fundamental problems in your life

The Dualistic Dilemma
There are two fundamental possibilities for us as conscious human beings: dualistic and unified consciousness. Most human beings live predominantly on the dualistic plane, in which they see, perceive, and experience everything in opposites. It is always either/or, good or bad, destroying or creating, advancing or retreating, freedom or slavery, love or freedom, life or death, I or you… endlessly…

Connected with this dualistic consciousness is this strange fact: all of us have one single most fundamental problem in life. Mystic masters say that if we do not resolve this fundamental problem in this lifetime we will have to return to work further on it in future lifetimes. Now, using the PEAT process, it is possible to solve that problem across all your lifetimes.

In 1999, Zivorad Slavinski created Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT) from roots in various systems of Energy Psychology. Shortly after its creation, he made an essential creative breakthrough which allows you to transcend dualistic consciousness and to effectively solve hard-core problems – most importantly, your core, fundamental life problem. His presentations of PEAT were very well received at the Toronto Energy Psychology Conference in November 2000 and at the European Energy Psychology Conference in Switzerland in July 2001.

In PEAT Deep Processing you start with a problem and you uncover deeper and quite different contents in the chain of links leading to the deepest cause of the problem you started with. Each session lasts from 10-30 minutes (on average 15-20 minutes). When you reach the deepest cause, the problem vanishes for good.

Breaking free of the see-saw
Most importantly, in one to three sessions (most often in the first session) of PEAT Deep Processing, you are able to uncover, make conscious and Neutralize your Primordial Polarities (“Primes” for short). Neutralization of your Primes solves your most fundamental problem forever. You can’t avoid this resolution, even if you wanted to. This process liberates each human being from the deadly grasp of the fundamental forces of duality. At the moment when you discover your own Primes (Primordial Polarities) there is a Neutralization of opposites. You see one Primordial Polarity in another and vice versa. You become ONE. You are one with the Cosmos.

Just before the moment of Neutralization there is often a short period of confusion. You may become a bit dizzy and disoriented. This is natural, of course, because the playground on which the game of life was played vanishes. It is like a sudden vanishing of the walls of the jail you have lived in for all your lifetimes.

The Primes encountered are very simple and basic. Here are some examples:

* Good and Bad
* Approaching and Retreating
* Creating and Destroying
* Potential and Actual
* I and Not-I
* I and Others
* Tiny and Endless
* Power and Powerlessness
* Material and Divine
* This World and Other World

What is the value of this neutralization experience? Exaltation doesn’t last long, it’s true. But your whole life becomes clear to you. You will realize the game of life you used to play in many different variations unconsciously and compulsively. You are set free from your main compulsions. You could still play the same games, but now you can choose other games as well. You have freedom to… and freedom from…

Furthermore, after uncovering and Neutralizing your Primes you become more conscious of new and old problems, but all your problems are solved much more quickly. Their structure often follows your fundamental game of life in endless variations, which you will now be able to perceive.

Until recently, only a small number of people knew about this process. The reason for this is simple. The Neutralization of one’s Primordial Polarities was a secret for many centuries, within systems such as the Tarot, Middle Age alchemy and 19th century occultism. Taoism and Zen clearly appreciated this process. The Kabala is about Neutralization of Opposites. You must Neutralize these Primordial Polarities and bring your own consciousness to the central point encompassing both, to the Middle Pillar. In its essence, alchemy is about Neutralization of polarities – this is the biggest secret of that Spiritual science. Advaita Vedanta, one of the most profound systems of practical philosophy, speaks only about non-duality. “Advaita” means non-dual.

Since the creation of PEAT more than 4000 people have Neutralized their Primes and freed themselves from the most fundamental, unconscious and compulsive problem of their whole life (and many life times before). The changes in their lives have been profound and substantial.

Theoretical explanations for Primordial Polarities are in their early stages of development. Here is Zivorad Slavinski’s current understanding of this process. Shortly after a Spiritual Being enters from Unmanifested universe (Void, Brahma, Sunyata, Tao…) for the first time into this universe of matter, energy, time and space, the Spiritual Being posts two energetic pillars at its entrance – his/her first Yin and Yang. These pillars define the Being’s playground. From that moment onward the Being plays this fundamental game of life between them.

A Being’s Primes are the highest goals a Being wants to attain, again and again. They are a Being’s most powerful attractors. Each Being has a particular set of Primordial Polarities, which might or not be the same as those of others. A principal characteristic of a Being’s fundamental game of life is that it is unconscious and compulsive. Primordial Polarities cause life to see-saw. In endless life situations the Being oscillates unconsciously and compulsively between the Primordial Polarities. They are not fixed values, but are like alternating electric current. For a period of time, one Polarity seems to be the positive goal (a Being strives with all their power to attain it) and another is negative (and the Being does their best to avoid it). But after some time their values swap and each Polarity takes on the opposing role.

Most importantly for Spiritual development and for everyday life as well, you can’t solve your most fundamental problem in life until you attain the Neutralization of your Primordial Polarities. Practicing different spiritual disciplines can enable you to disengage from or de-energize that problem for a short time – truncate it, so to say – but sooner or later it gets reactivated. When you address it with PEAT Deep Processing, you become acutely aware of your earlier life as a series of compulsive and unconscious oscillations from one Primordial Polarity to another. Of course, the Neutralization of Primordial Polarities doesn’t solve all your problems, just the most fundamental one. There are many others problems based on dualities, but they will be solved much more easily and quickly with the same Deep PEAT process.

The Neutralization of Primordial Polarities is not the end of our adventures with PEAT. After Neutralization, some of us have opened our awareness into the so-called Great Space (Quantum Vacuum, Tao, Source of All, Void, Sunyata…) or into corridors to parallel universes.

Workshop results
At the end of this workshop, you will be trained in applying Deep PEAT processes to yourself and to others. Participants successfully completing all steps in the course will be awarded with a certificate of PEAT Processor and will be able to apply the technique for personal or professional use.


(Deep PEAT 4th Level)

The DP-4 method was created by Zivorad Slavinski to allow to pick a specific pair of polarities to neutralise.

We can choose, for instance, depression and exaltation, giving and receiving, making money and spending money, and neutralise them in an average time of 15-20 minutes.

In fact, it is a very quick and powerful approach.

Many other therapeutic methods, which try to attain only a positive polarity, are transient and give only short-lived results.

DP-4 is a method that gives permanent results, since it neutralises polarities in human consciousness and transcends them.


Of all miraculous systems of Spiritual Technology, Aspectics is the greatest miracle of all! It is a most revolutionary system that rapidly and effectively transforms any unwanted state. This system is unique in that it teaches you an instantaneous and powerful process for changing your worst short-coming, fears, phobias and self-defeating behaviors into your best allies. Imagine the very things you most dislike about yourself becoming alchemical transformative gifts from God within. That’s ASPECTICS!

Discover in minutes how to use your limitations as a door to your deepest sense of True Self, connecting yourself and the rest of the universe.

Fundamentals Of Aspectics
Aspectics is a very easy and very efficient system for the elimination of unwanted emotional and psychological states. It’s also a very efficient method of Spiritual self-development and integration. It could be applied to all kind of Clients and to ourselves as well (so called solo processing).

There are 6 fundamental elements of Aspectics:

1. Working with aspects of personality
This is an operational basis of Aspectics. We work not with the whole of personality, (although the wholeness is our goal), but with aspects of our Being which have some kind of separate consciousness about their own goals, relationships with other aspects and the whole of our Being.

2. Positive direction and value of unwanted aspects
That means a significant insight that our short-coming, hang-ups, problems and unwanted states are not our enemies which we should put under control, defeat and subdue or eliminate from our life forever, but as faithful allies which bring to us most precious presents in keys to our freedom and Spiritual development.

3. Goal structure
For understanding and implementing of Aspectics you should know two substantial elements of a Goal Structure:
a. Present state of a person and
b. Goal the person wants to attain
Until the person gets his/her goal fulfilled, the person feels a tension. When the goal is attained, the goal structure disappears, tension vanishes and there is a short-lasting feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. The most important is an insight that the realization of a goal has as a result the disappearance of the goal structure.

4. Moving up the chain of higher goals
In the Chain Technique, which is the basis of ASPECTICS, we go up the chain of higher and higher goals up to the Highest Goal (Megistostelos). Oriental philosophy teaches us that everything in this manifested universe tends to the highest, that means tends to return to fundamental Source of Everything. That means that even our unwanted states want the same, Source of Everything. When one gets to that point (Void, Dynamic Emptiness, Quantum Vacuum… etc.), one gets the clear understanding that all previous goals on the Goal Chain one experienced as the final only because of a limitation in one’s perception.

5. Dynamic Emptiness (Void, Quantum Vacuum… etc.) as operational element of Aspectics process
Until now, in all systems of Oriental and Perennial Philosophy discussion of Void or Great Unmanifest were exclusively theoretical. Using this Void as an operational element of processing has been realized for the first time in Aspectics (at least, to my knowledge).

6. Goal realization in consciousness
The True Being or Atman could have his experiences in physical/social reality and in his/her own consciousness. That is the last element of Aspectics: Experiencing one’s own goals in one’s own consciousness. That way one can live through his/her experiences with the greatest speed. When a person realizes one of his/her goals in consciousness, he/she can go on to the next one. That way the Being moves up the Goal Chain with unprecedented speed until It gets the Highest Goal. Then the whole Goal Chain dissolves and together with him the unwanted state we started from. Speaking precisely, that unwanted state integrates with the Void as the Essence of one’s Being.

What does one gain with Aspectics?
There is probably no human being that does not desire to change something within itself or in its life. However, how many people do succeed in changing themselves? How much do the efforts vested from day to day actually yield results? We all know the answers to these questions. Why is this so? Because the people do not know HOW to change. There is a centuries-old prejudice present in all the countries of the world, that one should change by the power of their will, that this is the only and best way. The will means mainly suppression. Through suppressing not only can nothing change anything, but an utterly contrary effect is achieved! At the Aspectics course you will become acquainted with the laws of functioning of the human mind, which will clarify this to you, if it is not clear to you already. Through Aspectics you are given the possibility to change quickly and easily, faster than you have ever experienced in your life. Within a short time you eliminate the undesirable elements of your personal universe, which are often present for years, decades, or even drag their roots from the previous lives. You are given the chance with Aspectics to experience higher states of awareness about which you had only read in books of the Eastern Spiritual masters. To LIVE TO SEE the answer to the question WHO AM I, and to many other existential issues. To live in TRUTH and not in lies, illusions and suffering. Any changes a man can make within, he is actually making within his ego. Your TRUE BEING cannot change. It has always been as it is now, and always will. It was never born nor will it ever die. There is nothing in the human ego that cannot change, if you know HOW.

Entities Processing

Your thoughts are not always your own. There are astral and other incorporeal Beings in our psychic field or in other dimensions which often influence us. You will discover that quickly during the Entities Handling Method (EHM) session. Our language reflects an inner knowledge of this condition. Very often you hear people saying: “What’s got into you?”, “What possessed me to do that?”, “I am not myself today”, “The devil made me do it!” etc.

The possibility of spirit possession by discarnate Entities has been recognized in every time and every culture. A disembodied consciousness attaches itself and merges fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person, exerting some degree of control on their behaviour, the mental functioning, emotional well-being and physical health.

EHM helps you release those Entities. Results can often be seen immediately after using simple but efficient techniques. Many hardcore emotional problems and some physical conditions are eased or eliminated through this precise holistic system. It will be an eye opener to you and it will open new horizons for Spiritually oriented Beings.

Instant Trauma Elimination

Regardless of it’s intensity and history, any trauma can be permanently eliminated with this elegant and efficient method in less than a minute!

Individual Gnostic Intensive

Gnostic Intensive is a system that can liberate your mind from all content that prevents you to access to the centre of your being from where you get your personal truth about self, about another, about life, God, e.t.c. This direct experience of truth is also called Gnosis or Enlightenment.

Individual Gnostic Intensive session lasts from 10-30 minutes.

Holographic Life Clearing

The Hologram is a scientific miracle of our time. It is a 3-dimensional photo, made by lasers rays, coming from different sources. In Holographic Processing we use a similar approach, as follows: The life of every human being is one hologram created from many sources. Its creators are many other human beings and situations. This life could be divided into two parts: a good and uplifting part and an unwanted or undesirable part. That unwanted part of our life is a group of problems, conscious and unconscious traumas, humiliations we experienced, unrealized goals and conflicts with other people and with ourselves, which originated from different sources.

Their energetic flows create and support the unwanted part of one’s life and energetically contribute to it as if with some kind of energetic transfusion. People use different methods to clear their lives from unwanted elements and to create the lives that they want. All systems of therapy, self-development and Spiritual Technology do it. Spiritual Evolution, of which we are witnesses, give us better and better methods. Holographic process and Life Clearing is one of the new methods, which Z. M. Slavinski developed from modern shamanism and his experiments with Spiritual Technology.

This process is clear and efficient. What is most important, when using holographic process you eliminate your problem, in front of you opens possibility to enter GREAT SPACE (Quantum Vacuum, Void, Sunyata, Tao.) and to experience yourself as a True Spiritual Being.

Transdimensional Breathing

This is a simple but far reaching group technique of conscious breathing which enables participants’ penetration into higher levels of psyche as well as the cosmos. Most people experience strange phenomenon of unearthly Light – blue, golden or white, which heals theirs bodies and social and emotional relationships.

Extremely strong cosmic energy fills everybody like powerful electricity which cleans them completely. Some participants see other dimensions of existence and parallel realities, or strange places, beings and happenings. Some become conscious of their past lifetimes. And all that in only one session and for half an hour time.

Soul Retrieval

In the last twenty years we have been witnesses of a revival of shamanism, probably the oldest religion in the world. It has become widely popular because it is simultaneously a therapeutic system and a system for human integration.

Soul retrieval for the integration of personality is very simple. The loss of some of its components in the human being causes physical and mental disturbances and dis-eases. The most frequent causes of loss, or fragmentation, of “soul parts” are situations of great stress, fear, perceived great dangers, repetitive trauma, physical shock, and serious illnesses. They overpower the persona and the individual splits off a part of itself for the sake of survival, as a lizard might separate its tail to survive. Consequences of such happenings are fragmented and split-off “I”‘s. One of its parts is temporarily lost; thus the being is less capable in many activities of everyday life.

Soul retrieval is one of many of its valuable possibilities for application. DP-4 makes that classic shamanistic procedure much quicker and simpler. A couple of sessions of DP-4 will bring about significant and noticeable changes in the emotional life of a person. The process is mild, rapid and efficient. It allows a reconnection with person’s split off and lost parts in 10-20 minutes, on average, and results are relatively permanent.


Transcendence works with transformational power of symbols. Those who are familiar with K.G.Jung and his works about symbols as well those who are fascinated with archetypal world of Tarot symbolism, they will be delighted to learn how to apply the power of symbols in daily life. This power can be applied on your past experiences as a spiritual cleanser as it transforms your traumatic experiences so that the negative energy which is connected to them cannot disturb your life any more. Or it can be applied on your future as a creative motivator. It is then the great tool to be applied to reach your goals in the future the way you want them to be. It is easy to learn and efficient when applied.

Shadow Integration

On the path of self-realization, especially during processing, sooner or later a practitioner must confront his shadow. In contemporary psychotherapy K.G. Jung was the first to introduce this term and many systems of humanistic and transpersonal psychology took it over from him. So today it is widely accepted.

However, a long time before Jung some thinkers knew about shadow under other terms. More important, they knew about the necessity of integration of fragmented parts of being suppressed into the shadow if one wanted to attain the wholeness of own being. In the hermetism of the 20th century this was called the Guardian of the Threshold and it was considered to lurk in the darkened zones of the being, contained in a kind of psychological cellar. There are interwoven fragmented parts, suppressed sub personalities, rejected aspects, archetypal pictures, long-forgotten childish fears, unacceptable incestuous desires and deep hatred and animosities. Wanting to attain their own goals, each of those parts fights for the attention of the person, no matter how unacceptable for the conscious “I” those goals may be.

Seeing the shadow is a slippery ground, because we have a tendency to ignore its most unpleasant components. Some time ago Zivorad Mihajlovic-Slavinski created the Magical Mirror, a practical method for integration of the shadow into the wholeness of the being. It is very simple. It is one application of DP-4.

Universal Process

This method is developed from DP-4 and it can be applied on more abstract and philosophical pairs of polarities.

Inner Magic of Words

Words have power, hidden in their inner core. They are not just sounds, they are creative elements of our subjective universe. When we put our thoughts, emotions and other elements into words, symbols, sounds, we create our reality. What is most important, we not only create our subjective universe with words, we also discreate it !
When we change words in a special way, we change that reality.
It’s as simple as that. A problem (emotional, psychological, spiritual) usually vanish simple and rapidly in a couple of minutes. Not only problems vanish, but at the same time on their place in the mind of a man there is new opposite and valuable creation: A positive state of mind, new optimistic energy radiating through human being, which is really a higher level of Being: emotional, intellectual and Spiritual.

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