“On the lower levels of awareness there are no solutions, on the higher levels of awareness, no problems.

(Roberto Assagiolli)

We are not isolated individuals, nor is Earth an isolated planet. With invisible threads we are connected to other Beings and other worlds and universes as well. Some of us are conscious of these connections. Changes in the individual are part of the change of a whole; changes in the whole reflect in everyone of us. In the collective consciousness of humankind we are witnesses of a giant quantum leap. Its main characteristic is the separation of the Spiritual development from prolonged effort and suffering. Now it is possible to experience a peak mystical experience and deep changes in personality in a quick and safe way, and in a controlled and predictable manner.

Ten or twenty years ago it was not easy to imagine that hard and chronic emotional and psychological problems could vanish in half an hour or within minutes. Now it is reality. It is possible to attain a peak, mystical, cosmic experience, and true Enlightenment in individual or group processing in a couple of minutes.

One is able to master this modern, life transforming methods in one or two days and to use them ever after, throughout life. With those methods you will no longer seek Truth and realizations outside yourself, where you have been looking unsuccessfully for so many lifetimes. There is only one space to find them – you. There is only one person who is able to find them – you. And you are part of us all.

The door to these new, wonderful dimensions and new universes is wide open. If your inner voice tells you you are ready, step through!