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My name is Nenad Radosavljevic and I am a Personal Development Trainer, Certified Processor and Trainer of Spiritual Technology systems, created by Zivorad Mihajlovic-Slavinski.
Because of my broad interests, I have studied among other disciplines, music, sound engineering, social sciences and alternative psychology.
Since 2006, when I became a student of Z. M. Slavinski, who thaught me applied Spiritual Technology methods that helped many people to solve their long-standing problems.
In April 2014, I've completed the Spiritual Technology Trainer Course under the personal supervision of Z. M. Slavinski. This empowered me to apply Spiritual Technology processes in individual and group work for the development of human consciousness.
Drawing the inspiration from the history and the present time, I envision the better future of humanity that is happening here and now, through personal development, team efforts and social movements.


Custom Made Personal Development Trainings for Individuals and Professional Teams

Personal development is development of abilities to address challenges and obstacles related to your personal life and/or dynamics of your professional life in the most optimal way.

The first step is consulting: The conversation about your goals and related challenges.

The second step is a custom made training.

The trainings are tailored to the specific characteristics of you as a person or your team, consisting of simple and effective methods, which you will be able to apply on your goals, limiting beliefs, concepts and identities as well as other internal and external challenges.

The revolutionary methods applied are resulting to self – acquired new insights and the new ways you can apply those insights in your daily life.

This way you will gain more clarity.

By gaining more clarity you will have more optimal solutions to your challenges at your disposal and you will significantly improve the quality your personal and professional life as well as your relationships.

The third step, if required, would be monitoring your progress and troubleshooting of applied methods.


1 Individual Session (up to 90 minutes) € 175,-

One Day Group Training per participant (up to 6 hours) € 375,-

For trainings in team and company settings please make a request using contact page.


Figure out your values and align your life to them.
Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.
Get over fears and change your job or habits.
Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

Success Stories

  • "The course was for me not only about new techniques; it was much more. I realised the necessity of removing my internal barriers in order to achieve my desired goals. The course was excellent! Congratulations! Let them be many in the future!”
    M. G.
  • "I recommend Nenad for his highly professional skills, his rich experience, great patience, heartwarming kindness and strong intuition. Transcending dualistic consciousness was a milestone experience. Amazing!”
    B. S.
  • "I could not imagine before that such a rapid change is possible. What a transformation! Thank you, Nenad, thousand times for your patience and for sharing your precious knowledge!"
    H. H.
  • "I have the honour and the pleasure to highly recommend working with Nenad, his skills are an out of this world, he over delivers, supports, explains in detail and takes you by the hand step by step. Don't hesitate, he is awesome (very interesting guy by the way) !
    R. P.
  • "This is your testimonial text. Keep it short, simple, and to the point. This is a pretty good length."
    Jane Doe
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

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