“I am very satisfied with the course that we had last weekend. The rich collection of useful techniques was explained in a understandable way theoretically and practically… The course was for me not only about new techniques; it was much more. I recognized my great weakness: difficulty to express my thoughts in words. At once it was not difficult to talk about my problems and traumas in front of my child. And also to listen to my child’s problems is very easy now. This is something I was not able to do in the past… I realized the necessity of removing my internal barriers in order to achieve my desired goals… I hope I have been able to express in words what I feel: much of gratitude. The course was excellent! Congratulations! Let them be many in the future!” (M. G.)

“When I met Nenad I was in the most desperate situation… It was like after long and cold night the sun appeared on the horizon. That was my experience… He taught me very simple and elegant ways to help my self and to reach my goals. By the time, I leaned more of those very valuable techniques and now I am helping others. I could not imagine before that such a rapid change is possible, from completely helpless person to the helping one. What a transformation! Thank you, Nenad, thousand times for your patience and for sharing your precious knowledge! ” (H. H.)

“I recommend Nenad for his highly professional skills, his rich experience, great patience, heartwarming kindness and strong intuition… In the beginning of the process I was a great sceptic, but after 20 minutes the whole new world appeared in front of my eyes. It was actually still the same world but I saw it in a completely different way. Transcending dualistic consciousness was a milestone experience. My life that once was only a struggle, became a pleasant game. All that In 20 minutes! Amazing!” (B. S.)

“I know you are proud of me. You told me that many times. Still, I can only imagine how proud your teachers must be.” (A. V.)

“Me, who remembered my self as an dependent addict? I thought: No way… In just one weekend you taught me how to remember who I always really was: my own teacher… When you asked me when did I realized that I know who I am, my answer was straight: I always knew who I am! I still laugh every time when I think about that moment… You taught me even more, to be independent from you. How generous!” (R. R.)