Soul Retrieval

In the last twenty years we have been witnesses of a revival of shamanism, probably the oldest religion in the world. It has become widely popular because it is simultaneously a therapeutic system and a system for human integration.

Soul retrieval for the integration of personality is very simple. The loss of some of its components in the human being causes physical and mental disturbances and dis-eases. The most frequent causes of loss, or fragmentation, of “soul parts” are situations of great stress, fear, perceived great dangers, repetitive trauma, physical shock, and serious illnesses. They overpower the persona and the individual splits off a part of itself for the sake of survival, as a lizard might separate its tail to survive. Consequences of such happenings are fragmented and split-off “I”‘s. One of its parts is temporarily lost; thus the being is less capable in many activities of everyday life.

Soul retrieval is one of many of its valuable possibilities for application. DP-4 makes that classic shamanistic procedure much quicker and simpler.  A couple of sessions of DP-4 will bring about significant and noticeable changes in the emotional life of a person. The process is mild, rapid and efficient. It allows a reconnection with person’s split off and lost parts in 10-20 minutes, on average, and results are relatively permanent.