Holographic Life Clearing

The Hologram is a scientific miracle of our time. It is a 3-dimensional photo, made by lasers rays, coming from different sources. In Holographic Processing we use a similar approach, as follows: The life of every human being is one hologram created from many sources. Its creators are many other human beings and situations. This life could be divided into two parts: a good and uplifting part and an unwanted or undesirable part. That unwanted part of our life is a group of problems, conscious and unconscious traumas, humiliations we experienced, unrealized goals and conflicts with other people and with ourselves, which originated from different sources.

Their energetic flows create and support the unwanted part of one’s life and energetically contribute to it as if with some kind of energetic transfusion. People use different methods to clear their lives from unwanted elements and to create the lives that they want. All systems of therapy, self-development and Spiritual Technology do it. Spiritual Evolution, of which we are witnesses, give us better and better methods. Holographic process and Life Clearing is one of the new methods, which Z. M. Slavinski developed from modern shamanism and his experiments with Spiritual Technology.

This process is clear and efficient. What is most important, when using holographic process you eliminate your problem, in front of you opens possibility to enter GREAT SPACE (Quantum Vacuum, Void, Sunyata, Tao.) and to experience yourself as a True Spiritual Being.