Basic PEAT

Basic PEAT is developed by Zivorad M. Slavinski.

Basic PEAT is a method of personal development.

Quality of life

Basic PEAT clears our problems. Our problems are our reactions or states caused by internal and external events or circumstances. 
For example:

  • I feel insecurity because I don’t have enough money
  • I feel irritated by my back pain
  • I feel annoyed when my children make noise
  • I feel anger when I’m stuck in traffic
  • I feel resistance to work on my goals
  • I feel a fear of heights

Our problems consist of suppressed thoughts and emotions which we call “charge”.

By clearing the above mentioned and similar states and reactions, Basic PEAT increases the quality of our lives. 

About Basic PEAT Sessions

  • There are no prerequisites for Basic PEAT sessions
  • In a session, we address a specific issue the client wants to handle

About Basic PEAT Processor Seminars

  • Basic PEAT can be applied in self-processing or processing others 
  • Basic PEAT processor seminars are practical
  • Basic PEAT group processor seminar lasts 1 day
  • Skype processor seminars are available for Basic PEAT
  • In Basic PEAT processor seminar you learn to apply it on yourself and on others
  • There are no prerequisites for Basic PEAT processor seminar
  • Processors run individual sessions

Contact us to schedule a seminar or a session